CityNAP History

Just eight miles from the San Antonio International Airport, CityNAP stands in the heart of downtown San Antonio — yellow, red, and green visible from Interstate 10.

Close to a century of build-outs and upgrades by institutions who have valued 415 North Main for its sound construction have made the CityNAP building among the most enduring facilities in San Antonio. The three-story building was initially designed to house and sell the strapping Cadillacs of the 1920s, but it also served as home to San Antonio Music for many years, and more recently as a carrier hotbed. Its intrinsic value is its great durability — exterior double-walled construction and reinforced concrete throughout.

Using conservative values that merely use the foundation beam size, building dimensions and weight (while ignoring the deep piers in and around the building and the existing basement), the Griffith Wind Overturn Calculator indicates that the building could withstand winds of 209 miles per hour. The highest wind ever recorded in San Antonio was 61 MPH.

An old historic photo from the 1920s spurred a fascination with the building’s construction and history, leading us to compile a rough timeline of the San Antonio mainstays who have called the sturdy CityNAP building home.

1918 Constructed
1919-20 San Antonio Cadillac Company
1924-25 Citizens Auto Company
1927-40 San Antonio Motor Company
1941-42 George H. Jones Company (autos)
1946 Downtown Motors
1957 San Antonio Music Company
1961 San Antonio Music Instruments
1981-82 San Antonio Music/Coldwell Music
1980s-1990s Paragon Cable, now Time Warner Cable
1998-2005 Utilized by Winstar for POP, Allegheny Communications and Rackspace/Server Beach
2006-Present Datacenter operated as CityNAP

After utilization by various carriers for colocation in recent decades, the building continues a legacy of serving the city.  CityNAPwhere San Antonio plugs in.

We are within walking distance from The Crown Plaza, Hotel Valencia, and Embassy Suites, and we are also just blocks from the famous Riverwalk, Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, and a batch of great restaurants and other historical attractions.