Greater Power and Resiliency, Reduced Cost and Complexity

Colocation facilities such as CityNAP offer an increasingly sensible data center solution by providing state-of-the-art facilities, security, power, cooling, fire suppression and network bandwidth without the exorbitant costs associated with building out or expanding in-house.

A recent study determined that for a small to medium business, the cost of building a data center would exceed $1M after construction and annual maintenance costs had been factored. On the other hand, colocation within a data center was found to only require an initial investment of $39K and an annual maintenance of $200K making this option considerably more attractive.

Colocation sites like CityNAP can house a company’s physical IT equipment or overflow capacity, including staff, as well as offer a private suite on a space available basis. In addition, CityNAP can also act as a disaster recovery site with redundancy solutions and disaster recovery consulting—even physical office space.

Contrast the bargain of colocation with the fact that new construction costs for data center space range in price from $440/sf to $3500+/sf.