Security & Fire

Physical Security and Access

  • Motion-activated remote camera monitoring that provide 24/7 digital recording
  • Card access system
  • Escort-only access to the data center area
  • Front and rear-locking cabinets

Physical access to the area where customer racks are stored is controlled with multiple locked doors. Additionally, each rack is locked with a unique lock and customer/visitor access into the rack area is by escort only. All customer personnel who are authorized to work on their equipment must be formally approved by an appropriate level of management, and must produce a government-issued picture identification to prove their identity. Interior and exterior cameras at multiple key locations record the activities at those locations.

Fire Suppression

  • Smoke and heat detection
  • GEM three-stage pre-action dry pipe system

The fire alarm and suppression system is a three-stage, multi-zoned, multi-alarmed dry pipe, water-based fire suppression system in which a series of cross linked events must occur to activate the system.

  • First, there are multiple wall and ceiling-mounted temperature sensors throughout the facility. If one sensor is tripped, all of the fire alarms are activated throughout the building and the air conditioners shut their dampers so smoke is not carried throughout the building. The fire department is automatically alerted at this point.
  • Second, if a second sensor is tripped, then all of the fire suppression pipes fill with water in preparation for discharge.
  • Third, if a given sprinkler head senses 140 degrees Fahrenheit, that sprinkler will be activated, but only in the specific zone serviced by that sprinkler head.