Space Options

Locking Cabinets
Our custom made cabinets offer the maximum space available on the market. Our cabinets are wider and deeper than normally available maximizing airflow side to side and front to back. The cabinet’s split-door back access enables quick and easy set up of your equipment. Each cabinet is also outfitted with a 10 port 20amp vertical power strip and lacing bars for cable management. We chose these cabinets because they are:

  • They are the tallest commercially available.
  • They are deep enough to handle most commercially available servers.
  • The universal mounting system accommodates virtually all manufacturers rails.
  • The additional width (28″ instead of the more common 24″ cabinet) provides space for cables, space to locate non-mounted items, and better airflow around the servers.

Locking Cages

If you have a large amount of equipment, special rack/cabinet requirements or just want more room to spread out, then a cage in CityNap’s data center is the answer.

Cages can be built to your specifications in any combination of square footage, power and rack specifications. You can have workstations inside, open racks, or even a locking cabinet inside a locking cage for added security.

Locking cages have access to all managed services, security and access features that CityNap has to offer.


The racks feature wide enclosures and offer extra 2″ of space on either side of the rack. This additional area outside the equipment rack space accommodates large bundles of cabling and also keeps vertical power units from blocking the mounting holes on the vertical mounting angles which are ideal for networking switches and patching applications.