Data Center

CityNAP streamlines communications business. We are an unaligned Network Access Point. That means that any company can colocate any computer equipment within our facility and connect to any carrier. For carriers we provide free access with dual fiber entries. CityNAP also includes a conference center, comfortable staging and work areas outside the main datacenter rooms and a full kitchen with all the soda you can drink.

CityNap Network Design

With an eye toward efficiency and sustainability, CityNap designed a state of the art network to support their colocation and managed services portfolio.  Network chatacteristics:

  • Comprised of carrier grade/service provider equipment
  • Use less energy than comparable products
  • Offer a flexible upgrade path
  • Provide the option of powering down during off hours
  • Established, long-term product footprint

CityNAP Core Peering Fabric
San Antonio CityNAP is a next-generation carrier-class facility, utilizing the most advanced networking standards in the world. The network architecture of the CityNAP boasts as its core, an efficient high-speed switch fabric. This key equipment has a forwarding capacity of up to 96,000,000 packets per second and provides gigabit speed connectivity to the meshed 64 Gbps core peering fabric