Disaster Recovery Services

Eighty percent of businesses close within 18 months of a major incident if they do not have a contingency plan in place.

Planning and preparing for theĀ  continuation of technology infrastructure after a disaster is as important as running daily operations. Most companies only understand the importance of a good disaster recovery plan after their existing plan is exposed by an unexpected event.

CityNAP offers a full disaster recovery solution. Our team of network, security, voice, data, and applications specialists can ensure that if disaster strikes, you are in motion. Our services include:

  • Gap analysis
  • Testing
  • Compliance (Sarbanes-Oxley)
  • Network, security, and communication plan design
  • Customer communication plan design
  • Backup data center and office space
  • Data recover and restore
  • Training

CityNAP creates recovery plans and resources that match your unique business and budget.