Power Infrastructure

The CityNap power infrastructure is state-of-the-art and includes:

  • 120 and 208 V AC and 48 V DC availability
  • 100% Kohler generator backup
  • Generator auto-start and auto-transfer
  • 1200 gallon fuel capacity
  • UPS backup power system
  • A/B power feeds available

CityNap’s relationship with  CPS Energy, the local utility provider, ensures ample circuit capacity as well as reliability and redundancy.

The electrical grid that provides the city power supports many mission-critical facilities in downtown San Antonio including major hospitals and government services.

Additionally, we have:

  • AC or DC power option availability
  • Liebert Uninterruptible Power Supply with 120, 208, and 220 VAC availability and 22 tons of 20 year batteries (AC UPS runtime is several minutes to handle repeated switches to generator.)
  • Telco quality DC power plant
  • 48V DC power system based on Lucent Galaxy Power System

High Availability Power

Our 750 kW Kohler diesel generator has an auto start and auto transfer switch that senses when city power is disrupted, and then automatically starts. The generator will begin providing electrical power when the transfer switch senses that the generator is stable and ready to begin providing power, typically within 10 seconds of an outage. The generator’s fuel capacity is 1200 gallons (estimated 72 hours of operation) and is augmented by a long-term, 24-hour priority refueling contract.

Weekly testing of the generator ensures reliability for both mechanical functions as well as electricity generating functions.